Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bead Soup has Arrived!

Friday I received the Bead Soup that my partner Roxanne Blanc sent to me.  I was surprised to see we were on the same wavelength with what we sent to each other... I sent beads to her in the same colors and shapes, a different mix of materials, but very similar overall.  
Roxanne's blog is at  She is a professional pattern designer and seamstress.  She participated in the Bead Soup Blog Party last year and had a great design using the soup she received then.  Here's the link to her BSBP post from last year:

And here's what she sent me....
A happy little Easter basket!

Full of Surprises!


lots of metal....

turquoise rounds

and rectangles.....

fancy rivolis...

and teal crystals.

I am definitely feeling challenged by the rivolis and the metal focal with places for inserting cabachons, crystals or... something.... that will take some thought!  I love the chain and metal lentil beads too.  

Now I have until May 3 to create with the soup I received... Looks like its going to be fun!  

This is what I sent Roxanne:

I hope she has a lot of fun with it!